All About 3D Brow Building

3D Brow BuildingIf you’re one of those ladies out there who overplucked their brows in the 90s, you’ll want to consider 3D brow building. 3D brow building offers a temporary solution – roughly 2 weeks – to fuller, more luscious brows. The technique used allows you to get fullness and definition in brows that cannot be achieved through regular eyebrow grooming (i.e. eyebrow tinting and eyebrow shaping).

Similar to permanent makeup, 3D brow building is completely waterproof and can’t be smudged. Unlike some other beauty treatments, each and every individual 3D brow building treatment is tailor made to suit each person.

3D Brow Building is slowly becoming more and more popular, and you’ll start to notice this as more beauty salons in your area offer it as a treatment/service.

3D brow building is suitable for people who…

  • Don’t have time to put on makeup in the mornings
  • Prefer a more natural look to using eyebrow pencils and mascaras
  • Have difficulty applying makeup
  • Want a longer lasting solution to eyebrow tinting

3D brows are suitable for women of all ages, as it’s a completely safe and non invasive treatment. You can read more about what’s involved wihth 3D brow building on the Sleek Brows website.

reviews from people who have tried 3d brows

3D brows are becoming more and more popular throughout both New Zealand and the world. Here’s some reviews from people who have tried 3D brow building:

I’ve never had so many compliments about my brows before! Before the treatment, I was having to put on eyebrow mascara on a daily basis, as well as making sure throughout the day that it didn’t smudge or wear off. Now, I have complete peace of mind throughout the day that my brows look fantastic!

– Adena, Johnsonville

3D brows have been a life saver – I save about 20 minutes of my day by not having to apply eyebrow makeup in the mornings! I get the treatment every 3 weeks, and they look fabulous all year long.

– Stacey, Wellington CBD