All About Eyebrow Waxing & Threading

Unfortunately, having beautifully shaped eyebrows with no strays is not something that will ever occur naturally on a woman. It’s just one of those things that need regular maintenance in order to keep looking great. Leave it for a few months (or even more than a few weeks) and they can easily become busy, out of control and with no shape to them.

Luckily, eyebrow waxing and threading is available to help bring some structure back to your eyebrows. Eyebrow waxing and threading are both popular techniques to effectively removing excessive hair from the brow.

Before you book in to see a local beauty therapist to take care of your eyebrow shaping for you, just remember that maintenance is key to keeping your eyebrows looking great, so you may want to schedule another eyebrow shaping treatment for every 2 weeks.

Eyebrow Threading

waxing vs threading – what’s better?

Are you undecided as to whether eyebrow waxing or threading is the best option for you? There are pros and cons to each, and you’ll also have to find out whether there is an eyebrow threading specialist in your local area (as it’s not overly common yet).

Threading pros

  • No dangerous chemicals (or any chemicals) are used
  • Better for people who have sensitive skin
  • Faster than waxing (as there’s no waiting for wax to dry etc)
  • Lasts longer than waxing

Waxing pros

  • Hurts less than threading as the hair is removed faster
  • Can be used on other body parts, not just eyebrows
  • No pinching during the process
  • Considerably less expensive than threading

With an equal amount of advantages to each of the available methods, it’s now completely up to you as to which method you’d like to go with. You can always experiment by trying both methods, and see which you react to the best and which provides the best result.