The Swordfish Battle – Chuck’s Tale

I never thought I’d be fishing off the coast of Miami. However, my twin brother Charlie called me up and asked me to take a break from the cubicle to enjoy a little bit of a break. I finally listened, and went forward to hang out with him in Miami. While there, he told me that the most compelling of fishing occurs off the coast. I figured he was meaning fresh water stuff, but then he told me about the true adventure he’d been on, and so I had to join him. He said that there was greatness to be found in fishing for swordfish. I was on vacation, so why not go for it? So away we went.

Charlie had a new fishing chair he purchased from Species Hunter, it was surprisingly comfortable to sit and relax in. I got sea sick at first, but after a quick evacuation of my lunch, I was fine. Once we were away from the shore, and we were out in the open, we started to set up the rods, reels, and bait. I figured this would be easy, you drop your line, you wait for the swordfish to bite and you reel them in. Nope! This thing battles like there’s no tomorrow, and it took us roughly an hour of fighting, pulling, and all the force we had to get just one of these bad boys caught and onto our boat. You learn to respect these majestic fish a lot more when you have to fight them to get them out of the water, and I truly am in awe of their power.

Some of the things that surprised me was the size of the bait we used, which was very large, and had a few hooks sewn through it. Charlie said it was dolphin-belly sewn into a couple of hooks. Our line was 1,800 feet strength, and constant trolling. We had to use quick reflexes, and once we had a legit bite on your online we pulled for dear life, and after some time, we saw it come through. I was stunned, the size, and shape of these things are crazy, but we speared it, dragged it on the boat, and were just in awe of the fight we took on to get just one of these things. We only chased one, and you know what, it’s the most exhilarating thing I’ve done in my life. What a journey. Swordfish are no joke, you need heavy duty strength line, hardcore reels, and poles that can take on serious strength.

Salmon Fishing Near Seattle – Oscar’s Tale

Seattle is not just the city full of coffee, as I learned, it’s a hot spot for finding saltwater salmon. I was on vacation in Seattle, and had an off day, with nothing to do, when I found out about the amazing fishing guided trips that leave from ports in Seattle. I couldn’t resist, and immediately booked one, so that I could have a great time, fishing for salmon.

It was August, and I heard that chinook salmon run through the area, so I went on a boat in the Puget sound and started my quest. The rod I had was strong, with line and reel that was specifically weighted for salmon fishing, although, I didn’t realize that freshwater and saltwater salmon are different types of fighters, as I would find out from my first attempt.

The first attempt to catch a salmon in Puget sound was rough. I felt one bite and tug, so I pulled on my rod to get things going, and while I was reeling I felt the tension on my line start to give, and snap! That’s right, my line snapped, and this one big guy took off with my hook and bait. I then beefed up my line, and went back to it. I was using live bait for this, and once I went back to casting, I waited. The boat was idle, we were all just waiting for bites, and within an hour from the point my line snapped, I had another fish on the line.

This time I fought and reeled, and pulled, and eventually a 7 pound chinook salmon came up and I was shocked. It’s a stunning fish, and it certainly is majestic. It was a catch and release fish, but I wondered about the taste of it, as I’m a fan of good salmon. Serious anglers probably didn’t think much of my catch, as they were after bigger ones, but hey, for me, a beginner, this was a thrilling catch. 7 pounds! You wouldn’t think it would be a hard fight, but saltwater chinook apparently fight you hard, at least this one did for me, and I had to really struggle.

The Puget sound area of Seattle sure is a hot spot for fishing. If you’re a fan of Salmon, then you have to check out the excursions you can go on. From this one trip, I wanted to venture out to more, and have since fished for carp, and even marlin off the coast of Key West, but that’s for another time.

Rainbow Trout On June Lake – George’s Story

I’m not a fisherman. That is, I wasn’t a fisherman, until I headed to Mammoth. I went to June Lake, California, and it was quite amazing overall. Well, not at first, I had to learn a few things about lake fishing, especially on June Lake, which is deceptively large. I heard there was good trout fishing on Lake June, in California, and well, after spending three days in a small boat, I was shocked to realize that fishing isn’t exactly as easy as it was when I was kid.

You see, I used to have this little toy fishing kit and I once fished at a stocked lake. This was different. For this trip, I picked up a new reel, strong line, and some weights. I also was told that “power bait” would work best on June Lake trout. So there I went, I rented a small boat, nothing fancy, it had a little motor, got my license, a tackle box and headed out to the middle of June Lake.

I sat there for 2 hours before I realized that I didn’t bait my hook! I then got some power bait, on one hook and used worms on the other. They both worked, but it wasn’t a fast thing. It took me all day, about 8 hours and a cooler full of soda, and a few beers to finally get a bite. I moved the boat around a little, but was told by locals that I had to keep quiet, so I sat there, waiting for a bite. Eventually I got something, it was a struggle at first, but in time, I was able to bring it up.

The fight only lasted about 10 minutes, as this thing didn’t want to hang out, and so I pulled, and pulled, and eventually was able to reel in what seemed to be a 20” fish. It wasn’t that big, but man it felt like it was giant. Once I got one trout on board, my other reel started pulling, so I reeled that one in and to my surprise, a second trout. Two trout within the span of 5 to 10 minutes from landing in my boat, and that was that. I only caught 2 trout that day, but it was fun to get away from the grind of the 9 to 5 world. I took my wins back to the lodge, and had them for dinner. But was told that there’s carp down the creeks from the lake, and well, that was my next venture.

Mahi Mahi Off The Coast of Florida – John’s Story

I haven’t always been a fan of fishing, but my cousin Jim made me into a true believer. It all started with a simple invitation. “John, why don’t you come down to Florida, and we’ll fish off the coast, it’ll be fun.” I went ahead and obliged the invitation, and decided it was a great time to pursue, and you know what? I definitely had a good time. But not without learning a thing or two about the world of fishing, including the fact that you can end up battling the largest of fish.

Marlin, for instance, can come up and cut your line, or battle you for hours. Marlin can grow to be huge, swordfish as well, you could very well have your poles snap, lines break, and more. But that’s not what we were going forward with. We were on the hunt for an ugly fish, and I was shocked at first glance. The fish we were going for was simple, Mahi Mahi.

I had never heard of this fish, but apparently it’s in the dolphin family. I was appalled, no way was I hunting dolphin, that’s insane! But this isn’t the same as the beloved “Flipper”, instead, it’s a fish that is very much an ugly one, and a fighter at that. I liken it to trying to harness a bull dog, because these guys fought us all the way into the boat, and then some.

Catching an aggressive fish is a tough road. I had to get thicker line, and rods that were reinforced to take on the pounds of fish that we caught. Not only that, we had to get various types of bait as well. We used squid, and worms, with saltwater poles and reels. We also used 2 prong hooks, and heavy duty line, just in case shark wanted to take a bite of the bait.

Once we cast our reels, we placed the rods on the back of the boat, and simply floated very slowly forward. A steady pace moving forward just slightly was enough to entice our first catch, a 12 pound Mahi Mahi that fought us for about half an hour. Jim and I eventually got the fish onto our boat, but it was a fighter, and took on a whole new fishing adventure once it was on board. You can’t just grab these things, you have to be ready for a fight, but once it was on board, it was great. If you haven’t had the pleasure of fishing off the coast of Florida, then you owe it to yourself to check out the greatness of Mahi Mahi fishing.

France and Carp Fishing – Joe’s Story

When I thought about going to France, I initially wanted the traditional experience, but then I was told about how great the carp fishing was. So I changed my mind about the traditional route, and went on board with a couple of friends to an excursion that would have us catching some amazing carp. I didn’t think much of it at first, but we were able to find an option at Lake Lauren, in France, and it was nice. We had a floating cabin for accommodations, but for the first night, we decided to through something different. We wanted to rough it, so we got a tent and we spent a night in the wild, waking up at dawn to fish and see what we could get from the lake.

We were told that the carp gets really big, and that it’s not uncommon to pick out a 40-pound carp in this lake, and at first we were laughing, but that turned into a serious thing when we hit our first major bite. The first bite took the bait, and ran, snapping our lines. So we beefed up our lines, then we used a different hook, and paid closer attention to the movement of our rods. Within a couple of hours of waiting by the tent, and drinking a little coffee, it happened, our first big bite, and the reel was going nuts, so I jumped up and pulled to sink the hook deeper into the fish, and started to reel.

He was a fighter, and I thought for sure I’d lose my rod, because I could barely hold on to the reel and move the line, but it turned out to work in my favor, as my friends were ready with a net as I pulled this massive carp towards me. It was 30 pounds total, but it felt like it was 100, as I’d never caught something this big, and battled for so long.

Glehias is where I ended up fishing, and it’s a really cool spot to fish in France. It has amazing carp, and the quiet lake and accommodations really made me fall in love with the idea of fishing for carp in the area. I loved it. The carp are huge, and really surprised me with their weight, and fight. Once I caught on, I couldn’t stop trying, and was able to get another one towards the end of the day, but wow, what a rush to pull them in.

Fly Fishing In Cambridge – Justin’s Story

I needed a break. I got tired of the 9 to 5 world I am always stuck in. I wanted to do something else. My wife said, “Justin, you should go where no one thinks of going, somewhere like Idaho!”. Ugh, Idaho? So I decided to give it a little thought and ended up going forward to Cambridge Idaho. Why? Because it’s a small, isolated community that has a great deal fly fishing options. I needed to go anywhere but near my home, and well, fly fishing sounded just like the adventure I needed. It’s exciting, but not too exciting, so I had to go through with it.

Landing in Cambridge, Idaho I was in heaven. A quiet town, and somewhere to be left alone and fish. I headed to Brownie Reservoir, and had my fly fishing rig. A lightweight, flexible pole, strong line, and easy to pull reel. I had a few fly baits with me, and decided to not put any power bait or worms on them. I was going to go all natural, just the fly hook and a little bit of wiggling from my line, as I cast far and allowed the line to bounce and weave through the water.

So, I headed through various spots and didn’t find much luck, until I got some waiters on and got into the waters. Within waist deep waters, and a floating tackle box, I cast the line far and away from me, and just did a little tugging here and there to let the line bounce the fly hook here and there. The bouncing was good, because after a few hours I started to get going with a few catches. The first catch was a 15” trout, and then second one was a bit harder to reel in. He was a fighter alright, but after getting him to me, I realized it was a 20” trout, and a real fighter. I loved it.

After a few hours on the lake, and catching several more trout, I decided to call it a day. I followed up my vacation with a little less excitement, renting a boat and getting to a lake to see if I could pull some rainbow trout with traditional power bait, worms, and a simple cast and reel. It wasn’t as exciting, as I couldn’t catch a thing, but you know what? It didn’t matter, because I had a fun time with the fly fishing option, and caught some decent size trout on my little excursion to Cambridge, Idaho.