Fly Fishing In Cambridge – Justin’s Story

I needed a break. I got tired of the 9 to 5 world I am always stuck in. I wanted to do something else. My wife said, “Justin, you should go where no one thinks of going, somewhere like Idaho!”. Ugh, Idaho? So I decided to give it a little thought and ended up going forward to Cambridge Idaho. Why? Because it’s a small, isolated community that has a great deal fly fishing options. I needed to go anywhere but near my home, and well, fly fishing sounded just like the adventure I needed. It’s exciting, but not too exciting, so I had to go through with it.

Landing in Cambridge, Idaho I was in heaven. A quiet town, and somewhere to be left alone and fish. I headed to Brownie Reservoir, and had my fly fishing rig. A lightweight, flexible pole, strong line, and easy to pull reel. I had a few fly baits with me, and decided to not put any power bait or worms on them. I was going to go all natural, just the fly hook and a little bit of wiggling from my line, as I cast far and allowed the line to bounce and weave through the water.

So, I headed through various spots and didn’t find much luck, until I got some waiters on and got into the waters. Within waist deep waters, and a floating tackle box, I cast the line far and away from me, and just did a little tugging here and there to let the line bounce the fly hook here and there. The bouncing was good, because after a few hours I started to get going with a few catches. The first catch was a 15” trout, and then second one was a bit harder to reel in. He was a fighter alright, but after getting him to me, I realized it was a 20” trout, and a real fighter. I loved it.

After a few hours on the lake, and catching several more trout, I decided to call it a day. I followed up my vacation with a little less excitement, renting a boat and getting to a lake to see if I could pull some rainbow trout with traditional power bait, worms, and a simple cast and reel. It wasn’t as exciting, as I couldn’t catch a thing, but you know what? It didn’t matter, because I had a fun time with the fly fishing option, and caught some decent size trout on my little excursion to Cambridge, Idaho.