France and Carp Fishing – Joe’s Story

When I thought about going to France, I initially wanted the traditional experience, but then I was told about how great the carp fishing was. So I changed my mind about the traditional route, and went on board with a couple of friends to an excursion that would have us catching some amazing carp. I didn’t think much of it at first, but we were able to find an option at Lake Lauren, in France, and it was nice. We had a floating cabin for accommodations, but for the first night, we decided to through something different. We wanted to rough it, so we got a tent and we spent a night in the wild, waking up at dawn to fish and see what we could get from the lake.

We were told that the carp gets really big, and that it’s not uncommon to pick out a 40-pound carp in this lake, and at first we were laughing, but that turned into a serious thing when we hit our first major bite. The first bite took the bait, and ran, snapping our lines. So we beefed up our lines, then we used a different hook, and paid closer attention to the movement of our rods. Within a couple of hours of waiting by the tent, and drinking a little coffee, it happened, our first big bite, and the reel was going nuts, so I jumped up and pulled to sink the hook deeper into the fish, and started to reel.

He was a fighter, and I thought for sure I’d lose my rod, because I could barely hold on to the reel and move the line, but it turned out to work in my favor, as my friends were ready with a net as I pulled this massive carp towards me. It was 30 pounds total, but it felt like it was 100, as I’d never caught something this big, and battled for so long.

Glehias is where I ended up fishing, and it’s a really cool spot to fish in France. It has amazing carp, and the quiet lake and accommodations really made me fall in love with the idea of fishing for carp in the area. I loved it. The carp are huge, and really surprised me with their weight, and fight. Once I caught on, I couldn’t stop trying, and was able to get another one towards the end of the day, but wow, what a rush to pull them in.