Mahi Mahi Off The Coast of Florida – John’s Story

I haven’t always been a fan of fishing, but my cousin Jim made me into a true believer. It all started with a simple invitation. “John, why don’t you come down to Florida, and we’ll fish off the coast, it’ll be fun.” I went ahead and obliged the invitation, and decided it was a great time to pursue, and you know what? I definitely had a good time. But not without learning a thing or two about the world of fishing, including the fact that you can end up battling the largest of fish.

Marlin, for instance, can come up and cut your line, or battle you for hours. Marlin can grow to be huge, swordfish as well, you could very well have your poles snap, lines break, and more. But that’s not what we were going forward with. We were on the hunt for an ugly fish, and I was shocked at first glance. The fish we were going for was simple, Mahi Mahi.

I had never heard of this fish, but apparently it’s in the dolphin family. I was appalled, no way was I hunting dolphin, that’s insane! But this isn’t the same as the beloved “Flipper”, instead, it’s a fish that is very much an ugly one, and a fighter at that. I liken it to trying to harness a bull dog, because these guys fought us all the way into the boat, and then some.

Catching an aggressive fish is a tough road. I had to get thicker line, and rods that were reinforced to take on the pounds of fish that we caught. Not only that, we had to get various types of bait as well. We used squid, and worms, with saltwater poles and reels. We also used 2 prong hooks, and heavy duty line, just in case shark wanted to take a bite of the bait.

Once we cast our reels, we placed the rods on the back of the boat, and simply floated very slowly forward. A steady pace moving forward just slightly was enough to entice our first catch, a 12 pound Mahi Mahi that fought us for about half an hour. Jim and I eventually got the fish onto our boat, but it was a fighter, and took on a whole new fishing adventure once it was on board. You can’t just grab these things, you have to be ready for a fight, but once it was on board, it was great. If you haven’t had the pleasure of fishing off the coast of Florida, then you owe it to yourself to check out the greatness of Mahi Mahi fishing.