Rainbow Trout On June Lake – George’s Story

I’m not a fisherman. That is, I wasn’t a fisherman, until I headed to Mammoth. I went to June Lake, California, and it was quite amazing overall. Well, not at first, I had to learn a few things about lake fishing, especially on June Lake, which is deceptively large. I heard there was good trout fishing on Lake June, in California, and well, after spending three days in a small boat, I was shocked to realize that fishing isn’t exactly as easy as it was when I was kid.

You see, I used to have this little toy fishing kit and I once fished at a stocked lake. This was different. For this trip, I picked up a new reel, strong line, and some weights. I also was told that “power bait” would work best on June Lake trout. So there I went, I rented a small boat, nothing fancy, it had a little motor, got my license, a tackle box and headed out to the middle of June Lake.

I sat there for 2 hours before I realized that I didn’t bait my hook! I then got some power bait, on one hook and used worms on the other. They both worked, but it wasn’t a fast thing. It took me all day, about 8 hours and a cooler full of soda, and a few beers to finally get a bite. I moved the boat around a little, but was told by locals that I had to keep quiet, so I sat there, waiting for a bite. Eventually I got something, it was a struggle at first, but in time, I was able to bring it up.

The fight only lasted about 10 minutes, as this thing didn’t want to hang out, and so I pulled, and pulled, and eventually was able to reel in what seemed to be a 20” fish. It wasn’t that big, but man it felt like it was giant. Once I got one trout on board, my other reel started pulling, so I reeled that one in and to my surprise, a second trout. Two trout within the span of 5 to 10 minutes from landing in my boat, and that was that. I only caught 2 trout that day, but it was fun to get away from the grind of the 9 to 5 world. I took my wins back to the lodge, and had them for dinner. But was told that there’s carp down the creeks from the lake, and well, that was my next venture.