Salmon Fishing Near Seattle – Oscar’s Tale

Seattle is not just the city full of coffee, as I learned, it’s a hot spot for finding saltwater salmon. I was on vacation in Seattle, and had an off day, with nothing to do, when I found out about the amazing fishing guided trips that leave from ports in Seattle. I couldn’t resist, and immediately booked one, so that I could have a great time, fishing for salmon.

It was August, and I heard that chinook salmon run through the area, so I went on a boat in the Puget sound and started my quest. The rod I had was strong, with line and reel that was specifically weighted for salmon fishing, although, I didn’t realize that freshwater and saltwater salmon are different types of fighters, as I would find out from my first attempt.

The first attempt to catch a salmon in Puget sound was rough. I felt one bite and tug, so I pulled on my rod to get things going, and while I was reeling I felt the tension on my line start to give, and snap! That’s right, my line snapped, and this one big guy took off with my hook and bait. I then beefed up my line, and went back to it. I was using live bait for this, and once I went back to casting, I waited. The boat was idle, we were all just waiting for bites, and within an hour from the point my line snapped, I had another fish on the line.

This time I fought and reeled, and pulled, and eventually a 7 pound chinook salmon came up and I was shocked. It’s a stunning fish, and it certainly is majestic. It was a catch and release fish, but I wondered about the taste of it, as I’m a fan of good salmon. Serious anglers probably didn’t think much of my catch, as they were after bigger ones, but hey, for me, a beginner, this was a thrilling catch. 7 pounds! You wouldn’t think it would be a hard fight, but saltwater chinook apparently fight you hard, at least this one did for me, and I had to really struggle.

The Puget sound area of Seattle sure is a hot spot for fishing. If you’re a fan of Salmon, then you have to check out the excursions you can go on. From this one trip, I wanted to venture out to more, and have since fished for carp, and even marlin off the coast of Key West, but that’s for another time.