The Swordfish Battle – Chuck’s Tale

I never thought I’d be fishing off the coast of Miami. However, my twin brother Charlie called me up and asked me to take a break from the cubicle to enjoy a little bit of a break. I finally listened, and went forward to hang out with him in Miami. While there, he told me that the most compelling of fishing occurs off the coast. I figured he was meaning fresh water stuff, but then he told me about the true adventure he’d been on, and so I had to join him. He said that there was greatness to be found in fishing for swordfish. I was on vacation, so why not go for it? So away we went.

Charlie had a new fishing chair he purchased from Species Hunter, it was surprisingly comfortable to sit and relax in. I got sea sick at first, but after a quick evacuation of my lunch, I was fine. Once we were away from the shore, and we were out in the open, we started to set up the rods, reels, and bait. I figured this would be easy, you drop your line, you wait for the swordfish to bite and you reel them in. Nope! This thing battles like there’s no tomorrow, and it took us roughly an hour of fighting, pulling, and all the force we had to get just one of these bad boys caught and onto our boat. You learn to respect these majestic fish a lot more when you have to fight them to get them out of the water, and I truly am in awe of their power.

Some of the things that surprised me was the size of the bait we used, which was very large, and had a few hooks sewn through it. Charlie said it was dolphin-belly sewn into a couple of hooks. Our line was 1,800 feet strength, and constant trolling. We had to use quick reflexes, and once we had a legit bite on your online we pulled for dear life, and after some time, we saw it come through. I was stunned, the size, and shape of these things are crazy, but we speared it, dragged it on the boat, and were just in awe of the fight we took on to get just one of these things. We only chased one, and you know what, it’s the most exhilarating thing I’ve done in my life. What a journey. Swordfish are no joke, you need heavy duty strength line, hardcore reels, and poles that can take on serious strength.